We're Pictured in the National Retail Federation's Spotlight of H&M's Sustainability Efforts

WOW!! We are truly in awe that Oasis Soul Scent Co. founder, Lola Pyne, was pictured in this National Retail Federation spotlight on H&M's impactful sustainability actions and commitments. Of course that includes H&M’s partnership with our true loves Buy From a and the their sponsorship of the Buy From A Black Woman Inspire Tour pop-up shops that elevate Black woman-owned businesses such as ours!

We were thrilled for  Oasis Soul to take part again, this time in the Buy From A Black Woman Holiday Market presented by H&M in their Times Square store!!! ⁣

Thank you, thank you, thank you to H&M and Buy From A Black Woman for the good that you are doing in the world, and the ways it supports dreams like Lola's.

⁣ Read the full article here: https://nrf.com/blog/nrf-member-spotlight-hm