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Out of everything....

Trying to support a black business, but there's nothing to buy...

Shower aroma

Very enjoyable, great scent. Unique !

Vibrant smells

This steam shower smells amazing! So glad I purchased this fragrance. Will definitely reorder.

So Glad Spelman Sent Your Info!

The product is great and makes my feet smooth and soft.

Love the Mint Condition

This candle has a pleasant and relaxing fragrance. It also burns clean and even.

Treat Box - VACATION VIBES {August}
Maria Zauner
Good Vibes with Vacation Vibes Treat Box

I bought this for a friend for her birthday after I really liked the Sisterhood candle. My friend loved this treat box! Delicious smells and feels like something special.

Room, Body, Linen MIST
Millicent Norman
Nice fragrance

Very relaxing fragrance


Hands down the most flavorful scented candle I've bought EVER! It really sets the mood for my self care Sundays/Saturdays.

AMAZING Self Care Products

All the products are amazing and the packaging makes you feel like you are giving yourself a well deserved treat.

Perfect scent for laid back vibes

Absolutely love the scent! Very powerful and sexy


This is my absolute favorite candle! The scent is amazing both refreshing and relaxing :).

Clean Burning Candle

It smells nice and burns very cleanly with no smoke when you keep the wick trimmed!

smells so good

This smells so good! It is a really awesome oil. Lovely summer scent.

Great to apply after applying lotion to seal in the moisture after the shower.

I use it on my face after applying rosewater and glycerin first. Lock in the moisture with the great smelling oil.

Scent is soft.

Tea Light Candle Sampler
Jasmine C. Henry
All scents are wonderful

The shipping was quick & I loved my tea candle sampler!

The Sweetest Taboo!

This scent is so inviting. It has a really sensual smell and I love it!. The Southern Peach is still my favorite but Sweet Taboo is also a winner.

Impressed with quality of products

Pleasantly surprised!

I typically do not like candles that have the scent of food, unless it’s a fruit. Copacabana is my new favorite candle! The scent of coconut blends quite nicely with the scent of mandarin. I am enjoying the scent of this beautiful combination, as I share my feedback.

SISTERHOOD Candle Collection
angelique waller waller
Sisterhood Candle

I absolutely love the fragrance of this candle and the fact that I am supporting an AA female is icing on the cake.

GOOD VIBES - Moisturizing Hand Soap

Treat Box - SPA & COCKTAILS {May}
Very Cute

The drink tasted very good, I got it to look like the picture with the cherry syrup on the bottom. I kept the recipe card and leftover syrup to make it again soon. I love the shower steamers! I've always wanted to try the blood orange - it's fun and smells so good. The spray smells great too. Everything has very beautiful packaging.

SISTERHOOD Candle Collection
Kimberly Olushola
Sisterhood Candles

I love my Sisterhood candles! The scent is long lasting and amazing. I will definitely order more candles in the near future💙💙💙


This product is so luxurious. It's smell is so captivating and spa like feel after using.

Love !!! It

Oasis Soul has a new customer. I love the scented products arrived in great condition.

Wonderful gifts


Love this!

I really enjoy the scent of the Sisterhood candle! It’s perfect to burn as I work from home throughout the day. The quality of the product overall is impressive!