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Silky Soft

Love Song Body Scrub (rose + vanilla) smells good and leaves my body silky soft. Love this scrub will order this again.

Lovely Scent

Sweet Taboo and Love Song oils are lovely scents and leaves my body feeling soft. I will definitely order again.

Lovely Fragrance

I LOVE how this candle is such a mild and sweet smell, the scent is so nice!

Love these candles and the scent permeates the entire house

Fabulous! Sophisticated, soothing fragrances!

One of my favorite sellers
Definitely my favorite product

Too strong for me

Shower Aromatherapy Steamers

The steamers really have a wonderful scent and add to the pleasure of my morning shower.

Love the scent!

The body oil is thick enough to last on my skin all day but not so much that it feels heavy.

Best scent after an evening shower

Not only am I moisturized (to be expected!). But the scent is SO fitting for winding down at night.

I love it and can’t get enough of smelling myself! 🤣

Candles & Cocktails Vacay Box - SUMMER BREEZE
Stephanie LaFlora
Lovely Scent!

Absolutely entranced by the sweet fragrance of Summer Breeze!

Candles & Cocktails Vacay Box - SUMMER BREEZE
Ivellisse M.
Summer Fun & Sexy Scent

The Summer Breeze Cocktails & Candles box is such a treat! From the easy-to-make cocktail recipe to the yummy candle scent, I have all the ingredients to turn up the summer vibes. Thank you Oasis Soul!

MARLEY Luxe Treat Box
Terrence Crew

MARLEY Luxe Treat Box

smells and feels great

SISTERHOOD Candle Collection - Limited Edition Tins


I don't like an overpowering smell in my lotions - just a sweet hint of "ooo, that's NICE" - so this product is perfect for me!

Love It!

My Husband smells amazing with this oil!!
Using his oil daily after his shower has actually helped to prevent eczema flair ups!

Really Love

My husband is really in love with this scent. I will recommend and order again for myself.