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Sweet as Taboo- I am certainly in love with you!

I am loving the Sweet as Taboo oil. It truly moisturizes my dry skin and the scent is to live for. I initially purchased to treat myself, but I think my daughter thought I purchased for her. It looks like I'll have to place another order so I can have my very own oil. I also ordered Sisterhood candles as gift items and the scent is absolutely wonderful. My girlfriends loved loved loved the candles. Will be ordering again, this is my new gift item for all occasions and non- occasions.

Truly special candle

I think I've bought this candle 5 or 6 times in 2 years. My husband and I absolutely adore it and we've even had guests comment on how nice the fragrance is. The throw of the smell is very strong but never overpowering and it's absolutely one of my favorite candles scents ever. Every time I smell it, it has me singing it's name sake song 🎵

Love These Products

I absolutely love all of these products. I recently had a horrible sinus infection. The steamers were perfect for clearing up my nasal passages while in the shower.

Quality Products

Great Products! Great packaging too. I’ll be back!

Love song is a very light scent, good to spray on after massaging on love song body oil.
The packaging was carefully done and shipping was fast. Love your products.
T. Walker


The candle looks and smells so nice just like a cake with cherries. I made a mocktail and it is so good! I love that passion fruit syrup and the lime works so well with club soda. Perfect!

My New "Go To" Skin Product

I found this marvelous body oil at my local health food store. I LOVE this oil. Ya' hear me? I love it. I love the scent and the weight of the oil, and my skin loves it, too. I have purchased two bottles and the candle in the same scent, and now that I know this is a local, small BW owned business, I will buy directly from this site. Bravo!

Simply. Amazing.

The feel and scent of this soap is incredible, and you can tell a lot of care was put into creating everything in this site! It truly does leave my skin feeling soft and nourished, which says a lot since we live in a really dry climate.

Best Scented Candle

I received this as a gift from a friend. It smells so good that I didn’t want to light it at first. I never wanted this smell to go away!

Sweet Taboo is a beautiful scent !


Love the lemongrass

Love them!



Apple Bourbon Treat Box

Ordered as a Christmas present and it was great. Very well packaged, candle smelled amazing. Loved the drink recipe, all you need to add is a bottle of liquor if you'd like. Otherwise the entire kit really sets up great ambiance with the scent, drink and the associated playlist. Would recommend and purchase again.

Nice and Easy

The candle is very nice


Hands down, the absolute best scent for me. Subtle and warm. It's a limited edition. I will miss it when it's gone.

IN A PEAR TREE - Amber Classics Candle {spiced pear}

Apple Bourbon

The box was nice,however the candle made our room smell like we were drinking alcohol all night. The pkg was securely packed, but seller could have saved a little with a little less packaging

Love my candles

I truly am amazed at the candles I ordered. The scents are wonderful, deep and refreshing.


Long lasting fresh and clean sent.

Love the smell and lightweight oil

I love the oil and the smell but I guess the cold weather is not being kind to my skin because it doesn't seem to office the lasting smooth looking moisturized skin. Love the Fall/Winter months in MD but they dry air is no joke.

COPACABANA - Amber Classics Candle {mandarin + coconut}

The Sweetest Thing

The sweet taboo is awesome 👏 I love the scent very nice and light. I run out of the spray quickly I think I need a bigger bottle. Lol

MOON DANCE - Special Collection Candle {black currant + lemon}