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Perfect for a long hot shower

I absolutely am addicted to these steamers I LOVE The smell and it lasts all day except that i can only get 1 shower from each steamer🤦🏾‍♀️But i do love long hot showers too! Definitely would recommend

Happy with product

I like the product but the disks crumbled just a little in the shipping. That said they were packaged in some heavy plastic which I have been trying to avoid.

Love this!

I had this candle sitting on the table for a couple of months, because it’s so beautiful, and I finally used it, and my house smelled lovely! It’s the perfect blend of scents that isn’t too sweet.

Lovely Smelling Multi-Use Oil!

Sweet Taboo Body Oil leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and smelling wonderful. I put a little on the ends of my hair, elbows and knees for some added moisture during the dry winter months!

Perfect for getting over a cold

I am pregnant and caught a cold going around my office. I can’t use the same decongestants that I would normally use. The shower steamer is a perfect treat to help open up my sinuses and relax with a hot shower.


My co worker purchased this scent as a christmas gift last year. HONEY! This scent is everything! It smells as succulent as eating strawberries and sipping champagne! I will be purchasing this scent as Christmas gifts for my sistagirls.

Great scent

I loved my purchase. My friends inquired about the candle when they came over to the house! The scent is inviting and not overpowering.

Sweet Christmas in a Candle

Amazing!! Sweet yet Spicy. Brings me right back to Christmas Eve nights as a child, baking cookies, decorating and celebrating the season with family.

Do Yourself a Favor and get multiple!!!!

Seriously, I can't live without my sprays. They are perfect for fresh out of the shower, the car, the house, the pillow, everything!!!! So versatile and smell so good! Love it!

Just what I needed!

Lola was able to turn around a large order with ease and even followed up to see how my book launch went. That customer service will keep me coming back for more! Each candle scent was even throughout the burn.

Marley candle

5 stars! The scent fills up the room in such a musky, sexy way! I burn it every night before bed and it is very long lasting!

My husband loves this one!

My husband commented on how much he likes the scent of this candle! Maze makes me feel warm and cozy!

Yummy Tropical Scent!

A refreshing scent that makes me feel like I’m on a tropical island! A long burn time and I love that these candles are made with quality ingredients!

Love this candle!!

Fell in love with this scent right away! Definitely used it for my self love rituals and it was perfection!

Room, Body, Linen MIST

Truly enjoyed this product!

I loved the tea light candle sampler because it helped me to choose which scents I liked best, without having to commit to buying every candle. Only problem is I liked so many! I will definitely buy this again!