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Article: Inspiration, Scent & Song - Oasis Soul Scent Co.

Inspiration, Scent & Song - Oasis Soul Scent Co.

Inspiration, Scent & Song - Oasis Soul Scent Co.

The inspiration to start a candle company “randomly” came to me one day while attending a work event at a nearby venue in Washington, DC. Upon entering the city building, I was immediately greeted by the beautiful scent of a candle that completely overtook my senses and transported me to another world. The fragrance set the scene for the space before I even ascended the stairs to see it in its full glory.

That whiff of inspiration in 2018 unleashed creativity and passion, and set off a course of events that changed, and is changing, my life in more ways than I ever could have imagined - so I know it was not random but rather divine. But my most immediate impression was that I wanted to come home to a scent experience like that every day - one that made me feel like I was stepping out of my external surroundings and into my own oasis.

Fast forward through ordering that very candle that night, then quickly deciding to start a candle company, then learning candle making, then falling in love with fragrance mixing and testing - it was time to name my candle scents. But simple words failed when trying to relay something as complex as mixtures of various fragrance notes and harmonies - it was like trying to describe color. After all I needed to relay how these scents could make you and your physical space FEEL. What better way to relay emotion and intricate feelings than through music and song? This romantic blend of rose & vanilla feels like a LOVE SONG…this light, airy mix with notes of white tea & ginger like SMOOTH JAZZ. And, how could I translate the mood of a favorite song into a scent? The answer was SWEET TABOO, a fragrance teased with notes of almond, honey, and vanilla. And that is how the concept for Oasis Soul Scent Co. was born - scented candles & self-care products inspired by soulful music!

I invite you to explore our Scent Playlist of now nearly 40 fragrances inspired by songs, artists, and lyrics with soul. Discover the scent(s) that represent the desired feeling for you and your home, its various rooms and activities. Commit to having these scents greet and envelope you every day when you get home, or to surround you while working there. Create your own oasis. Treat your senses!



Founder + CEO
Oasis Soul Scent Co.

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