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APPLE OF MY EYE - Gold Candle {crisp apple}APPLE OF MY EYE - Gold Candle {crisp apple}
Candles & Cocktails Set - CHAMPAGNE LIFECandles & Cocktails Set - CHAMPAGNE LIFE
Save $5.00Candles & Cocktails Vacay Box - SUMMER BREEZECandles & Cocktails Vacay Box - SUMMER BREEZE
Candles & Cocktails Vacay Box - SUMMER BREEZE Sale price$45.00 Regular price$50.00
CANDY RAIN  - Sugar Cream Body Scrub {wild grape + strawberry}
CARIBBEAN QUEEN - Amber Classics Candle {mango + papaya}CARIBBEAN QUEEN - Amber Classics Candle {mango + papaya}
CARIBBEAN QUEEN - Gold Tin Candle {mango + papaya}
CHAMPAGNE LIFE - Celebrate Layered Candle {strawberries + champagne}
CHAMPAGNE LIFE - Gold Tin Candle {strawberries + champagne}
COPACABANA - Amber Classics Candle {mandarin + coconut}COPACABANA - Amber Classics Candle {mandarin + coconut}
COPACABANA - Body Oil {mandarin + coconut}
COPACABANA - Gold Tin Candle {mandarin + coconut}
Sold outEssential Oil Healing Balm
Gift Card
Gift Card Sale priceFrom $25.00
GOOD VIBES - Hand + Body Cream
Sold outGOOD VIBES - Hand Sanitizer Spray 2pk {ginger + lime}
Sold outGOOD VIBES - Moisturizing Hand Soap
GOOD VIBES - Shower Aromatherapy Steamers {ginger + lime}
GOOD VIBES - Sugar Cream Body Scrub {ginger + lime}
GOOD VIBES Spa Box Sale price$68.00
GROOVE - Gold Candle {apple bourbon}GROOVE - Gold Candle {apple bourbon}
HARMONY - Copper Luxe Candle {mahogany shea}HARMONY - Copper Luxe Candle {mahogany shea}
IN A PEAR TREE - Gold Candle {spiced pear}IN A PEAR TREE - Gold Candle {spiced pear}
LOVE SONG - Amber Classics Candle {rose + vanilla}LOVE SONG - Amber Classics Candle {rose + vanilla}
LOVE SONG - Body Oil {rose + vanilla}
LOVE SONG - Gold Tin Candle {rose + vanilla}
LOVE SONG - Sugar Cream Body Scrub {rose + vanilla}LOVE SONG - Sugar Cream Body Scrub {rose + vanilla}
LOVE SONG Luxe Treat Box
LOVELY DAY - Amber Classics Candle {lavender + lemon}LOVELY DAY - Amber Classics Candle {lavender + lemon}
LOVELY DAY - Gold Tin Candle {lavender + lemon}
Sold outLOVELY DAY - Shower Aromatherapy Steamers {lavender + lemon}
LOVELY DAY Aromatherapy Spa Box
LULLABY - Amber Classics Candle {orchid + sea salt}LULLABY - Amber Classics Candle {orchid + sea salt}
LULLABY - Gold Tin Candle {orchid + sea salt}
MARLEY - Amber Classics Candle {teakwood + clove}MARLEY - Amber Classics Candle {teakwood + clove}
MARLEY - Body Oil {teakwood + clove}
MARLEY - Gold Tin Candle {teakwood + clove}
MARLEY Luxe Treat BoxMARLEY Luxe Treat Box
MASQUERADE - Gold Candle {pumpkin chai}MASQUERADE - Gold Candle {pumpkin chai}
MAZE - Amber Classics Candle {cedar + amber}MAZE - Amber Classics Candle {cedar + amber}
MAZE - Gold Tin Candle {cedar + amber}
MINT CONDITION - Amber Classics Candle {eucalyptus + peppermint}MINT CONDITION - Amber Classics Candle {eucalyptus + peppermint}
MINT CONDITION - Shower Aromatherapy Steamers {eucalyptus + peppermint}
MINT CONDITION Aromatherapy Spa Box
Sold outRENDEZVOUS- Layered Candle {cherry cake}RENDEZVOUS- Layered Candle {cherry cake}
REVIVAL - Amber Classics Candle {lemongrass}REVIVAL - Amber Classics Candle {lemongrass}
REVIVAL - Shower Aromatherapy Steamers {lemongrass}
REVIVAL Aromatherapy Spa Box
RHYTHM - Copper Luxe Candle {black sea}RHYTHM - Copper Luxe Candle {black sea}